RANGEMASTER Professional FX 90 Induction Range Cooker - Stainless Steel & Chrome, Stainless Steel

RANGEMASTER Professional FX 90 Induction Range Cooker - Stainless Steel & Chrome, Stainless Steel

Seamlessly bringing together stunning contemporary design with user friendly practical features, the Rangemaster Professional+ FX 90 Induction Range Cooker gives you everything youll need to cool like the professionals.Rangemaster heritageDrawing on nearly 200 years of tradition and heritage, you can prepare meals with confidence and precision when you cook with the Rangemaster Professional+ FX 90 finished in an elegant stainless steel with chrome trim.With an energy rating of A, the 90 cm wide Professional+ FX is efficient and smaller than a full scale range, making it ideal for anyone who wants to cook like a professional at home, even in smaller kitchens.Multifunctional oven powerBenefitting from an impressive multifunction oven, the Professional+ FX 90 cm Range Cooker offers defrost, fan oven, fanned grilling, fan-assisted oven, conventional oven, browning element and base heat in both full oven and divided mode to give you the widest range of cooking options possible.Whether you want to achieve the perfect roast, batch bake, moist cakes or multi-part feast, it has the heat distribution to pull off any culinary goal you have in mind - a truly versatile range cooker for the truly versatile cook.More oven innovationsNot only is the Rangemaster Professional+ FX 90 Induction Range Cooker a formidable cookery appliance, but it offers a unique construction that allows you to configure it according to your needs.The Energy Saving Panel is the appliances key feature. Its removable and allows you to switch from the full-size 108-litre oven - perfect for entertaining large groups - to a focused 49-litre oven that uses less energy when cooking smaller dishes.The spare cavity then acts as a useful plate warmer, using overflow heat from the adjacent oven to keep your crockery toasty.Flexible cooking spaceFull-width and half-width shelves are provided for cooking flexibility, so you can position each dish where you want it in relation to the heating method selected.Theres a full width drawer provided to store the panel and shelves when youre not using them, and a large, single triple-glazed door makes for easy viewing and reduced kitchen temperatures.Completing the range of cooking functions, a dual grill pan system offers you a safe grilling facility across either the full or half-oven width. Prepare healthier options or enjoy a delicious browned finish on all your meals.Introduce your home to induction cookingThe 90 cm Professional+ FX Range Cooker uses a five zone induction hob to meet all your boiling, frying, sauting and searing needs.Using coils in each element to induce heat in the very metal of your pots and pans, it focuses the heat to cook your food more precisely and with less energy wastage than other technologies. Super-quick to heat up, it also detects when a pan has been removed to cut off the power and hence the heat to the particular zone.A hot hob indicator clearly shows when the surface is too hot to touch, and a child lock facility ensures that wandering hands wont be able to use the controls.Easy upkeep and great efficiencyThe Rangemaster Professional+ FX Range Cooker is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and carries an A efficiency rating, meaning its both cost-effective and Eco-friendly.Its catalytic oven liners oxidise spillages and residue at a certain temperature so that the remaining material can be quickly and simply wiped away. Save time and your lower back!Use the incredible Stainless Steel and chrome trimmed Rangemaster Professional+ FX 90 Induction Range Cooker to cook everything with panache.


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